From Me​/​/​From Within

by In Search Of Solace

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released August 11, 2015

Produced: In Search Of Solace
Engineered: Brian Hood, Bradd Schlosser, Nick Pocock
Mixed/Mastered: Brian Hood



all rights reserved


In Search Of Solace Saint Paul, Minnesota

In Search Of Solace is:

Jonny LaDuke - Vocals

Nick Pocock - Guitar/Vocals

Clay Saver - Bass

Derek Ludgate - Drums

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Track Name: Fear (feat. Jake Wolf)
I am drowning
In the fear of existence
Detached from the surface
Of my whole being
Discomforting: The process of what I am thinking of
Again and again
I try new ways to find myself
But here I am
I’m still lost in this empty darkness
Can you hear me as I scream for help?
I’m sick and twisted and there’s no way out
Step inside my memories and you will see why I am hurting
All these thoughts have me twisting and turning
As I learn what it’s like to breathe
I wear my heart on my sleeve
Suddenly I can see my whole life flash before my eyes
I can see my dreams coming true
I can’t believe I’ve never felt this feeling before
When will these chains let me go?
I’m tied down to the floor
In my dreams I can see an exit sign
I’m never coming back again
This single thought has manifested into an obsession
I fall to the floor
This is my last confession
Track Name: Humility
Oh they’re coming for me
They’re trying to stop me
But I won’t give up
Oh these demons haunt me
They’re trying to stop me
But I will never give up
I was born with a positive mind to see
What the World had in store
The possibilities
But somewhere down the line
I lost my sense of pride
And negativity
Has taken over me
With every failure I face in my hopes and dreams
I try to stand up and fight
But every second I waste is another defeat
It’s time to draw the line
I won’t lay down and die
It’s time to come to life
I levitate to lift myself up off the ground
To find my higher purpose
But something always brings me down 
(Don’t give up, don’t give in)
Never knowing where it’s from
These demons haunt me
But I will never give up
This isn’t over yet
You always say it will be okay
Then why does it feel like the Worlds almost over?
Inside my chest
My hearts getting colder
Every time I start to feel
Myself slipping through the cracks
I somehow always find
Some hope
Maybe, maybe I can make it through this
My hearts still pounding in my chest
This is not your fault
You’ve been fed lies
At the end of the day you have to face the World and just dream
Go find your higher purpose
This isn’t over yet
Your hearts still pounding in your chest
Track Name: Anxiety (feat. Blake Suddath)
Oh shit this is an emergency
Is this happening?
I lost my grip, starting to slip
Oh shit the alarm is sounding off
Here we go again
I’m about to self-destruct
Walking around with my head down lately
Everybody’s looking at me
Trying to keep my focus (it’s gone)
Why are they talking about me?
I need to run and get as far away from here as I can
Before I self-destruct
Has taken over me
How the Fuck does it feel just to breathe?
What the fuck does it mean to be free?
As long as I sit in the comfort of my own solitude
Away from everyone
Intrusive thoughts ruminating in my mind
Will fade away
When I close my eyes
Anxiety has taken over me
It’s rising I’m forgetting how to breathe
God help me I’m going insane
(just breathe)
I lost my grip
I think I’m losing it
Yesterday was dark
Today seems much worse
Brother my brother I’ve been there before
I’m asking you this one thing
Just keep your head up
Yesterday was dark
And today seems much worse
Remember when the dawn breaks
There’s always tomorrow
Forget about the
Was taken over me
Now I know how it feels just to breathe
Now I know what it means to be free
Track Name: Lost
This is the end of the beginning
An escape
From this misery
It’s so hard trying to believe
When every day always feels so empty
I know there has to be a purpose to all of this
But without a sense of reality
I’m questioning my own existence
Looking on the outside everything just seems so far away
Like the images scrolling on the paneled screen
I don’t believe what my eyes see
This is my turning point
I decide my fate
I can’t live in the comfort of something that’s so full of regret
Four years of living lost
In this dim lit place
The center of my universe is this curse of my mind in space
I need to let go
This is the beginning of the end
Track Name: Disquiet
The World is so full
Of hurt and confusion
Have I made the right choices?
Are these thoughts just delusions?
In my heart I thought I knew
But every day I rethink things through
When will I know?
Am I supposed to be the man I am?
Or someone else according to a plan?
The hardest part is I will never know
This is the direction I chose to go
[There comes a time when one must look inward
And ask themselves who they truly are
Only then
Can you find solace]
I must make the most of all of this
Because I owe it to
The ones I love and miss
If I keep questioning my life
I will be a disappointment till the end of time
You said it would be okayi
Four years of living lost
It’s so hard to believe
When everyday always feels the sameii
(Are these thoughts just delusions?)
In this dim lit placeii
(I need to find the solution)
When will these chains let me go?
In my dreams I can see an exit sign
And I’m never coming back againiii

i - Humility
ii - Lost
iii - Fear
Track Name: Solace
In the blink of an eye
As the stories told
I need to face the facts
That I’m finding my faith in you
Another second chance
A time to save my self
I’ve been searching for too long
I’m picking up the pieces
Take me Northi
You can’t stop us
Bring your armies
We won’t back down
Cause we will not stop fighting
Till we are dead
We are marching to the center
We will never surrender

i - In Search Of Solace 2014; Northern Lights